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Hello, beautiful !

are you ready for modern and effortless hair color? 


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so you want to have youthful and effortless hair color that lasts,

but maybe...

You've never worked with stylist who makes you feel heard, understood and validated. 

You've tried low maintenance color techniques, such as balayage, in the past but they didn't yield the results you were hoping for. 

You don't want to visit the salon as often and you feel stuck in your current maintenance schedule. 

You want to change your look or explore other options, but you're unsure of where to start and your desired look feels out of reach. 

You've come to the right place

Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy, I get that! 

I've taken away the usual stress and confusion to create a unique new guest booking experience for you.

By working with a stylist who prioritizes learning new techniques and has built their business on creating custom low maintenance hair color, you can feel relaxed and confident that you will have the tools you need to love your look not just when you leave my chair, but all of the time! 

The Process


Check out my Service Menu to get a feel for my offerings, what your investment may be and what is include with each session. 

your story

Complete a short questionnaire where you'll explore your hair history and goals


Check your inbox!

Upon approval, you'll receive an email from me with guidelines on how to book your first appointment 


By now, you'll have your first visit booked, feeling excited and confident that your best hair is just around the corner! 

New Guest anchor
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Congratulations on prioritizing your self care! 

Trusting a new stylist and going to a new salon can be intimidating. 

Here's what you can expect during your visit with me: 

When you arrive at the salon, you'll make your way into the guest lounge area and make yourself comfortable. I'll be in to get you shortly! 

To begin your appointment, we'll have a chat about your hair goals, color history (if any), what inspired you to make a change, your desired maintenance schedule, likes, dislikes etc. Give it all to me! We'll talk about not just your first visit, but a long term plan to make sure all of your goals are met! 

Tip: Pictures are super helpful during this process!

I will choose products and techniques based on your preferences then blend our custom color formulation and begin your color application. 

Expect to be pampered with a complimentary beverage of your choice while your color is processing.

Once finished, you'll receive a relaxing shampoo and hot towel treatment(everyones favorite part).

To wrap things up, I'll talk you through some personalized styling tips.

You'll receive my recommendations for at home haircare so you can easily recreate your look at home.  Lastly, we'll set up your next visit based on the maintenance schedule we discussed during our consultation! 

The Experience

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