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Back in the day

Hi, I'm Tara!

When I was an awkward string bean adolescent, I envied hair stylists. I viewed them as these cool trendy people that had the skillset to make themselves and others look and feel beautiful. What an amazing superpower! 

I wanted to cultivate a career in which I could connect with people and build my own skillset around something that inspires me and enriches the lives of others. 

When I graduated

Paul Mitchell hair academy in 2010, I had no idea what this industry was really about or what I was in for. I've been in this wonderful industry for 9 years and now I can say that I'm in it for the wealth of knowledge and the amazing people.

Being behind the chair is my element!

What more could I ask for? . . . Maybe an almond milk latte. 

Fun fact : I'm lactose intolerant, and I hate it everyday. 


9 years now!


My favorite part 

of my job is sitting down face to face with my guests and talking about what would make them feel super confident. Having a great time with my people is a big reason why I love what I do. 

 When I bring new ideas to my guests and we both love the results, there's really no better feeling!



My secret to success 


is not taking myself too seriously

and continued education. I LOVE taking classes. 

(For real; new foiling/balayage techniques and advanced color formulation? Don't tempt me with a good time!)

My guests enjoy my "non-stuffy" approach and I love to provide fresh ideas and insight so that together, we can prevent style boredom and achieve some serious hair goals

But don't take my word for it. 

Come in and see for yourself!

xo  Tara

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